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 Unlocking Potential at Lake Ridge Academy

Preparing for college is a process that can be challenging but rewarding. There are programs that help pupils obtain the knowledge that is necessary to continue in higher education after high school. Some programs are preparatory starting in the later teenage grades such as a high school. Then there are programs much like an Academy that can start preparing for a bright future from kindergarten through graduating the 12th grade. In Ohio, the Lake Ridge Academy is a program that starts from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

The educational establishment has hosted a unique program since 1963. The program is committed to ensuring that all students are given the best possible educational exposure and allowing the pupils to excel year after year. It has an element of quality and focus on its educational programs. The staff is committed to making sure that the students will always have on hands assistance as they are learning the material necessary to succeed as scholars. One feature that stands out is the student to teacher ratio that is 8:1. By giving the students the ratio is a benefit, the students have the opportunity to work hands-on and receive a professional level of help in learning. Alex Potoczak benefitted greatly, score a nearly-perfect 790 on the Calculus BC and Biology portions of his SAT exams.

The athletics program has an interesting and rewarding approach that gives the students a confidence factor. Around 70% of the students that attend will participate in interscholastic sports. The sports program has a motivating factor that the students appreciate. Alex Potoczak Ohio attended the Lake Ridge Academy in Ohio and benefited as he went on to Hamilton College to play baseball.

The Transition to College

Life is always going to have its incredible moments of accomplishment. One such accomplishment is the acceptance into a college or university. Going into a higher establishment of education can be an exciting moment for anyone. There are some situations that may be in contrast to what student can be accustomed. One needs to stop and think that the transition is being done when they are adults. The consent and supervision required throughout the course of grade school will no longer be there when becoming accepted to attend higher learning programs.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

A student must accept that they are going through a process that will change their perspective on education that will reflect for the rest of their life. Going on to higher learning programs in young adult life should be approached as a turn for the better. Establishing an understanding of what profession a pupil will want to become involved in can be addressed educationally for successful results. A great college will always approach freshmen with caution as they guide the new students into the proper programs. A great example is a biology department counselor approaching a pupil so they may guide them to a specific program that may interest them.

Hamilton College which was established in 1812 in Clinton, New York has a traditional approach to focusing on what's best for the student. Alex Potoczak Ohio is a student at Hamilton College. He transferred from high school out of Ohio and is now pursuing a bachelor's degree in economics.


The Incredible Biological Life Found in the Ocean

Marine life studies have been a subject of interest for many centuries. Historians trace back the studies of Marine Biology to Aristotle in the third century BC. Since then various early biologists have observed and recorded the abundant marine life that lie undisturbed in the depths of the ocean. Biologists have had many accomplishments in their research on the surface of the earth. Marine biologists have always encountered difficult obstacles in their acquirement of studies of life in the depths of water.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Throughout the history of biological life, researchers in many cases had to invent equipment that enabled them to carry out their research. The equipment at first was limited to the capabilities necessary to fully study the life forms of the waters. The diving bell was considered the first submersible device where a person can go under water and observe while sitting in the bell. There were no options to collect samples of the various biological lifeforms and samples of the ocean floors. It wasn't until the first diving suits that oceanography explorers could then start collecting samples and tracking marine life and ecosystems.

The breathing apparatus was perfected in the early years of the 20th century. The opportunity to explore and study became an easier task as they could now access certain areas that were not accessible before. Alex Potoczak Ohio is an Ohio native that loves to study about oceanography. He was excited to hear about the whale eating deep-sea shrimp that was recently discovered in the deep parts of the northern Atlantic Ocean.

A Book is an Adventure

When you find that you have a lot of free time on any particular day, there are many different things you can do. If you are the more adventurous type, you may want to go for a hike, explore in areas in the city, or any number of adventurous activities. However, many are more likely to sit at home and watch Netflix on their day off. There is one activity that blends both adventure and rest that you can do: read a book. 

Alex Potoczak Ohio

Books offer a form of active participation that watching a television show or movie does not. Books require the reader to fully immerse themselves in the story and create their own unique images in their head as they follow along. In many ways, a book can take you on a journey that you might otherwise never experience in real life or by watching something on a screen. Nowadays, books are often undervalued as they take time to read and aren't as easily shared with others. However, there is no medium that can replicate the experience of reading a book.

There are many different types of books for different types of people. While some may instantly fall in love with a fantasy world, others might be more drawn to a murder mystery. The endless genres of books provide readers with a wide variety of options for their next adventure. Alex Potoczak Ohio is a student at Hamilton College who will always be a book lover.

Adopting a Pet

In many cases, a person may want a pet for the companionship, but not for the work and money that it actually requires. Before adopting a pet, it is a good idea to figure out what you can actually afford and what you will have time to commit to. Different stages of life lean themselves to different types of pets.

While a young college graduate may strongly desire a puppy, their inconsistent paychecks and lifestyle may not be the best fit for something that will require a lot of training and time. Dogs often do best when they have lots of room to run around and have other animals to interact with. Therefore, it may be best to wait to get a dog until one is more stable in life.

For those seeking some form of companionship for very little time and money, they may want to invest in a fish or other caged animal. While you cannot cuddle with a fish, having something to care about can still help fulfill your need to take care of something other than yourself.

A happy medium between a dog and a fish is a cat. While cats do require a decent amount of time, they are usually happy to keep to themselves a lot. Cats also can use a litter box, so leaving them inside for the majority of the day is not a problem. Alex Potoczak of Ohio is a student at Hamilton College who cares deeply about the ethical treatment of animals.

Purchasing a Computer

When purchasing your next computer, there are several things you should consider. First of all, you should consider how mobile you will need to be. If your work as a computer for you to use there, you may not need to purchase a laptop. However, if your work requires a lot of traveling it may be a good idea to invest in a laptop or see if your employer will purchase one for you.

The next thing you will want to consider is the price range. Typically, a higher quality desktop will be cheaper than the same quality laptop. Desktops are designed to last longer than laptops and usually offer more space and faster processing speeds for a much better deal. For those who run programs that take up a lot of the computer's energy, such as editing or gaming software, it may be wise to invest in a desktop that can efficiently handle them.

However, if mobility is extremely crucial, you will want to invest in a laptop. There is a great range of pricing for different types of laptops. Depending on what you need your laptop to do, you can easily spend anywhere between a couple hundred and a couple thousand. If you only need a laptop for easy internet use and simple documents, going the cheaper route may be your best option. However, if you desire to do more on your computer you may want to invest in a more expensive one. Alex Potoczak of Ohio is currently pursuing his Bachelor's in Economics from Hamilton College. 

Alex Potoczak of Ohio - The Ocean for Alternative Energy

Renewable Energy technologies have recently been the hot topic of growing concern about the threat of global climate change. Research and development have spanned across several different studies and more directly on the Ocean. The ocean provides a vast source of potential energy resources. Renewable energy technology is constantly changing and developing so the investment in ocean energy is likely to expand.

The movement of water in the world's oceans creates a vast store of kinetic energy or energy in motion. This energy can be harnessed to generate electricity to power homes, transport, and industries. Marine energy is a form of ocean energy, ocean power, or marine and hydrokinetic energy. It refers to the energy carried by ocean waves, tides, salinity, and ocean temperature differences.

The term marine energy encompasses both wave power, the power from surface waves, and also the tidal power that is obtained from the kinetic energy of large bodies of moving water. Ocean energy has the potential of providing a substantial amount of new renewable energy around the world. The oceans have a tremendous amount of energy and are close to many if not most concentrated populations.

Alex Potoczak of Ohio is an experienced graduate level laboratory researcher with an emphasis on umbilical cord stem cell research. He has worked at Case Western University and University Hospitals of Cleveland under the supervision of Dr. Mary Laughlin and Dr. Nick Greco. Alex played baseball at Hamilton College where he is enrolled currently and is majoring in Economics and will be seeking a minor in Biology. He is also planning to minor in Religious Studies. He is an extremely creative thinker with a high intelligence with SAT II scores at 790 in Biology and Math 2. He also received PSAT National Merit accolades. Alex has unique hobbies and interests, such as Oceanography and how it relates to alternative energy, the legal system, technology, sports, and politics.

Alex Potoczak of Ohio - A look back into History


History is known as the academic discipline in which it uses a narrative to examine and analyze a sequence of past events. It then objectively identified the decisive factors and the patterns of cause and effect that determine them.

Historians sometimes debate the nature of history and its usefulness by discussing the study of the discipline as an end in itself and as a way of providing a perspective on the problems of the present. The history of the world is the memory of the experience of human beings around the world, as that experience has been preserved, largely in written records.

In terms of the recovery of knowledge of the past in an area where no written records exist, or where the writing of a culture is not understood, then it is called Prehistory. Historians study paintings, drawings, carvings, and other artifacts to determine potential historical importance as some information can be recovered even in the absence of a written record.

Since the 20th century, the study of prehistory is considered essential to avoid history's implicit exclusion of certain civilizations, such as those of Sub-Saharan Africa and pre-Columbian America.

Alex Potoczak OhioAlex Potoczak of Ohio is an experienced graduate level laboratory researcher with an emphasis on umbilical cord stem cell research. He has worked at Case Western University and University Hospitals of Cleveland under the supervision of Dr. Mary Laughlin and Dr. Nick Greco. Alex played baseball at Hamilton College where he is enrolled currently and is majoring in Economics and will soon be minoring in Biology. He is an extremely creative thinker with a high intelligence with SAT II scores at 790 in Biology and Math 2. He also received PSAT National Merit accolades. Alex has unique hobbies and interests, such as Oceanography and how it relates to alternative energy, the legal system, technology, sports, and politics.


The power of the Ocean

Every corner of the world is dependent on either energy or the products that are manufactured using it. Breakthroughs in modern technology and science have made the acquisition of energy possible through conservative methods over the last five decades. Some of these methods are based on the use of the wind and direct solar power which is abundant. Engineers have come a long way since the discoveries of these two methods over 100 years ago.

Marine energy has become a method of harvesting energy kinetically from the motion that the waves and tide produce. The opportunity to use such technology can be also implemented much like the hydraulic dam that creates energy and also brings opportunities for environmental studies. Some energy-producing structures that need regular maintenance are now offering collection services for biological research.

Alex Potoczak Ohio

One of the systems that are used to harvest energy from the ocean is a wave energy converter. Wave energy converter has a surface or column that captures the wave power through buoys. Offshore windmills are the type of structures that collect energy from the strong gusts of the wind from the ocean.

The wind is often accelerated by almost 20% versus onshore winds. The most effective means of capturing energy from the current is by using tidal turbines that are much like the generated electrical systems from a windmill. Turbines use the water pressure created by tides that create intense amounts of force. Alex Potoczak Ohio is an Ohio native who believes in the potentiality of ocean renewable energy.